If you are considering a future in Medical Transcription or you are presently working as one, the more aware and knowledgeable with the updates or changes going on in the field of Medical Transcription the more secured and relaxed you will be. With the introduction of Voice Recognition System (VRS) in assisting practitioners with creating patient medical documentation has caused insecurity to many who are in this field presently or thinking of starting their career in Medical Transcription.

But hey folks! No need to worry as these Software changes/improvement is not going to effect you too much as they are not 100% accurate and there will always be need for professionals with understanding of medical terminology with quick typing skills and a good command over English to aid with patient records and to help out physicians with their documentation for medical coding requirements. Of course, these softwares will be of help to some point to ease up the work process, but again, the future in Medical Transcription today also is bright if you have all the skills/capabilities fulfilling the requirements of the standards set.