Medical healthcare service providers know how crucial it is to focus on their business. While businesses can be successful in providing medical care, there are various aspects of the industry that they are unaware of. This was similarly the case for Extended Care. Extended Care is a medical healthcare service provider that provides primary care to nursing home residents. With the primary care services being provided to a homebound patient and having set their limitation to nursing homes, it was impossible to expand their business.

However, things changed for the better when Extended Care joined hands with VOCIS. While the management did refuse to disclose revenue figures, they did reveal that their revenue jumped an enormous 125 percent within a few months. Extended Care has seen enormous growth in revenue, size, and the number of patients.

Extended Care’s facilities and care are of high excellence. In one incident, Extended Care’s customers were with a home care company that was accused of having bad billing practices and highly improper patient care. Insurers for the patient requested the assistance of Extended Care. This major event increases the patient’s volume extensively.

Extended Care’s partnership with VoCis has significantly shown great efficiency and professionalism in the company’s revenue cycle service, IT and medical records. With this partnership, Extended Care was able to focus on increasing their customer base and developing their medical care facilities. Extended Care has also said that they’ve seen tremendous improvement in their performance as there is a lot less workload in the office. The services provided by VoCis allow the company to save on overhead costs.

The financial side of the business is a lot more transparent as there are excel sheets provided on a daily basis. With transparent billing, the personal interaction and the easy transfer of information regarding the patient care, companies like VoCis are a dream come true. Not only do they invest in their client’s growth but they also make the clients their priority.

With such an impeccable partnership with companies such as VoCis, there’s no doubt to see tremendous growth, greater efficiency, better services and focused patient care. Extended Care’s partnership with VoCis is a prime example of the excellence and value VoCis can bring to the table.

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