VOCIS builds cloud based software for debt collection agencies

Debt Collection Agency Software

VOCIS is a BBB Accredited; rapidly growing IT company in the field of computer applications and services. We are glad to introduce you to our latest version of “Collection Agency Software” for your business website. Our software script is specifically designed for the collection agencies and is affordable and is easy to set-up and run quickly. Our script can be hosted on your website server or private web server. Your clients, administrators, collectors and management can manage work, get reports, or monitor collection activity from home, a remote office, or while travelling.


  • Low cost
  • No monthly software fee
  • Display your brand name
  • Integrate with your website
  • Customize the look of the software
  • The data will remain secure with you on your own web server
  • No hardware to buy

Got a question? Contact our Sales Team at Email: contact@vocisinc.com OR Call: 8663653909

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Vocis designed website for a 10 year old clothing designer designs line to benefit charity

Brielle Caro is possibly the youngest fashion designer on Long Island came to Vocis to develop her website. At only 11 years old, Brielle is creating a dress line specifically for Angela’s House, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of children with a sever disability or medical condition. She wanted a website which a non technical person can update and manage regularly without the help of the website designer and programmer.

We used WordPress CMS to develop this website and hosted on Godaddy.com server.


  • Professional tailor made wordpress theme
  • WordPress CMS
  • Paypal integration
  • Events, Photo gallery plugins
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Vocis enable businesses win government contracts and find potential teaming partners on Jailbids.com

Vocis was asked by JailBids.com to develop an online marketplace specifically for the correctional industry. JailBids.com is a online market where vendors can get up to date easy to understand overviews of correctional bid opportunities in the specific sector they need without having to search through and read through pages of RFP’s. Vendors can also profile their products and services to potential buyers and buy or sell surplus correctional items. Jailbids.com helps businesses connect easily to millions of dollars in government contracts at the local, state and federal level–a lucrative market worth $2 trillion annually. Customers receive new bid information either by email or web, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fully functional website developed in PHP/MySQL and hosted on GoDaddy.com server. The site is also integrated with the Paypal payment gateway.

– Professional tailor made website design
– CMS (Content management system) to manage pages and text content of the website
– eBay like system
– Paypal integration
– News and Events system
– Admin section to manage all kind of users, products, banner ads, events, news, web pages, RFQ/RFP

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How offshore programmers and developers can help start-up and small business financially

Start-up professionals who are eager to create their own identity in the IT industry can hire offshore programmers and developers to set-up their new business. However for starting any software company one needs to have a strong financial base and a great expertise in the IT field but novice entrepreneurs can take up help of an experienced software engineer to embark their journey. To establish a new software company or business is not an easy task. The start-up founders have to deal with loads of uncertainties and challenges to make their venture a successful one.

Whether you are creating a new company or restructuring an existing one you need to have sound business acumen and experience to get started in the right direction. In this ever changing and evolving fast paced world, it is essential to make yourself familiar with all the software developments and technologies. Beginners who have started from scratch and have no strong financial background can go for an offshore web developer to get their website developed at affordable prices. By locating a suitable offshore web designer online start-up and small companies can save lots of money. With the guidance and support of experienced offshore developers you can avoid time delays and high costs associated with new start-up businesses mainly. The start-up founders who need support for mobile application development can also hire offshore mobile application developer who can provide help in debugging, testing and various mobile application services. To raise funds for a start-up business is not an easy task but by appointing offshore programmer specialized in software languages like PHP or dotnet technologies, aspiring software developing companies can stay within their budget.

Although one brilliant idea is enough to fuel your business venture but for running successful and flourishing software company you need realistic knowledge and minds. These offshore programmers do IT outsourcing and by becoming your virtual staff they can give unique customized solutions as per your needs. The remote IT staff with their hi-tech support and assistance can provide customized consulting services at much cheaper rates.

These professionals who are proficient in all aspects of software development tactics with their experience and ability, provide practical and realistic solutions to the key challenges each entrepreneur faces. The offshore technical support executives and programmers have expertise in all the core areas, related to web development and designing , on-site support for projects based on software languages PHP, dotnet, IT outsourcing, mobile application development etc. With their brilliant ideas, consulting services and solutions, they can help you enter the market to establish your business effectively and efficiently.

Offshore service providers have a practical approach and a good command in their respective fields and provide the desired outcomes required by the businesses. More than the cost effective services the offshore programmers and developers give by assessing the unique needs of entrepreneurs can turn their dreams into reality.

So make your business venture a successful one by availing quality offshore services at affordable rates.

Call 1 866 365 3909 or email contact@vocisinc.com to hire Offshore IT developers.



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Why WordPress is the best CMS to build your personal or company website

Have you ever wondered why more and more people are using WordPress  as a platform for their website design and development needs? The reason is simple. A WordPress is an open source CMS (content management system) that is very user-friendly and builds websites rapidly.

People who have worked on this open source platform will know it better than anyone else and find it hard to switch to any other CMS (Content Management System) once they start using WordPress. Even a person who is new in the field of website design and website development can work on this open source platform very easily and can hence create splendid websites.

Initially WordPress was created for the purposes of blogging but its popularity has grown so much that even the corporates get their website designed on it. The various plugins and theme that complement this great platform make it all the more exciting to work with. All you need to do is select the appropriate theme and the plugins that suits your requirements and you are good to go. The platform also allows you to manage the content of your blog very easily and hence acts as a great Content Management System. Even people who already have websites designed for themselves are getting them redesigned on WP because of its ease of use and management system.

Here are some of the reasons why WP is most commonly used for website development and design.

1. Easy usability and Faster

Traditional methods of website development and design take lots of time to build the website. You need to have a thorough knowledge of programming languages for your website development. But ever since WP has been introduced, even a beginner who has a sound knowledge of computers can design and build great looking websites. All you need to do is choose the theme among various templates available, apply appropriate plugins and choose the color scheme. With just clicks of some buttons your site is ready and you are good to go. You can change the look and the theme of your website as many times you want to and build a great looking website very easily. WP is very user friendly and hence very easy to work with.

2. Built In Support

In this open source platform, people from all around the globe contribute by creating plugins, themes and tutorials and keep updating them from time to time. It has a support community where developers can interact and ask questions.

3. SEO Friendly

Even search engines like yahoo, google, bing etc love sites that have been built on WordPress. This is because it is a great CMS application and very easily allows you to update and insert new content on the website. And since search engines prefer sites that get updated very often, such websites get better rankings on various search engines. You can even install SEO friendly plugins on your website so as to get better results.

4. Easy to maintain

A website that has been developed on WP can be very easily managed. All you need to do is to go the dashboard of your theme and maintain it as an when required. Whether you have to make any changes to the theme or add some content or page to the website, it is just a minute job now.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits of WordPress, there is a lot more that this open source application offers. Website designers and developers love working on it and design brilliant looking websites which their clients appreciate at the first go.

Vocis has an experienced and professional team of graphics designers, web developers and programmers who can develop high-quality customized WordPress website for our clients within pre-estimated cost budgets and timelines.

You can view some samples of our work:

For a Free consultation by an Expert WordPress Consultant call: 866-365-3909 or email contact@vocisinc.com

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Recruitment website and jobs board portal development

Recruitment Agency Website for just $1199.00

  • Custom website design
  • Up to 7 website pages
  • Contact us form
  • Social networking profiles
  • Blog/Forum/Articles modules
  • News feed
  • Unlimited jobs uploading
  • Quick/Advanced job search engine
  • Quick/Advanced job apply form
  • Hot jobs display on homepage
  • Basic search engine optimization
  • Uploading and testing on hosting server

VOCIS is a professional website design agency specializing in the design and development of high quality recruitment website and job board solution. You can view some samples of our work:


If you are interested in learning more about our services, please contact us at contact@vocisinc.com or Call 1‐866‐365‐3909,

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