Complete Medical Billing process from charge capture to collections.

We provide personal one on one billing services for your office and save you big $$$

VOCIS Medical Billing & Coding Services can and will….

• Increase your cash flow
• Eliminate your employee expenses
• Decrease your office paperwork
• Reduce your hardware and software upgrading and updating cost
• Reduce your telephone and postage expenses
• Save your valuable time
• Increase revenue through improved collection process
• Give you the confidence your practice needs to grow

We offer:

• Fast credentialing for all insurances
• Certified Professional Coders
• User Friendly Software
• User Friendly Appointment Scheduling Software
• Carrier Direct Electronic Claims Submissions w/99%+ clean claims
• Payment/Adjustment Posting
• Secondary Carrier Billing
• Patient Billing & Statements
• Insurance A/R follow-up
• Denial Management
• 24 hour turnaround on data entry and claim submission
• Claims Tracking
• Appeals
• Customized Weekly and Monthly Reports
• Personal service
• HIPAA Compliance

We Guarantee:

• High-Quality work
• Increased operational efficiency with 24/7 services
• Guaranteed payroll savings from 40-50%
• Increase revenues through improved collections process

Call 1-866-365-3909 today to find out how you can start making more money

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