Nurse Practitioners can fulfill the gap created by Obamacare

America has a scarcity of primary care Clinicians, and the shortfall is mounting up. The population is aging — and getting sicker, with chronic diseases ever more prevalent. Obamacare will bring 32 million uninsured people into the health system — and those newly enrolled will need a lot of medical care. A shortage of primary-care Clinicians will push patients toward other health care professionals who can provide similar services. This is where health care professional like Nurse practitioners can fulfill this requirement. There are 250 health clinics across America run completely by nurse practitioners, and will grow more in the coming future once Obamacare goes live. This is the area to grow, area to provide the best possible service, and moreover….. an area where insurances pay for services rendered, which will not be possible if the medical billing is not done appropriately.

Most of the Independent Nurse practitioners earn more than employed MDs on a monthly basis*

VOCIS is a Practice Management Company based in Louisville KY, involved in Medical credentialing, Billing, Collections, Transcription, IT, Virtual services, and Practice Set up for independent NPs and MDs for over 12 years.

VOCIS team sets up your practice from start to finish. From incorporation, transcription, billing, EMR, to Cash Flow. We will have an NP peer for any questions, and helpful credentialing and billing experts for any assistance along the way. VOCIS succeed when you succeed. It’s that simple.

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