Nurse Practitioners can fulfill the gap created by Obamacare

America has a scarcity of primary care Clinicians, and the shortfall is mounting up. The population is aging — and getting sicker, with chronic diseases ever more prevalent. Obamacare will bring 32 million uninsured people into the health system — and those newly enrolled will need a lot of medical care. A shortage of primary-care Clinicians will push patients toward other health care professionals who can provide similar services. This is where health care professional like Nurse practitioners can fulfill this requirement. There are 250 health clinics across America run completely by nurse practitioners, and will grow more in the coming future once Obamacare goes live. This is the area to grow, area to provide the best possible service, and moreover….. an area where insurances pay for services rendered, which will not be possible if the medical billing is not done appropriately.

Most of the Independent Nurse practitioners earn more than employed MDs on a monthly basis*

VOCIS is a Practice Management Company based in Louisville KY, involved in Medical credentialing, Billing, Collections, Transcription, IT, Virtual services, and Practice Set up for independent NPs and MDs for over 12 years.

VOCIS team sets up your practice from start to finish. From incorporation, transcription, billing, EMR, to Cash Flow. We will have an NP peer for any questions, and helpful credentialing and billing experts for any assistance along the way. VOCIS succeed when you succeed. It’s that simple.

To know more about VOCIS, please call 866 365 3909 or email at

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How Outsourced Medical Transcription services save Physicians, Nursing Homes and Hospitals financially

Medical transcription services are used by most of the healthcare organizations. The services play a major role in documentation. Medical Transcription helps in solving the upcoming EMR adoption issues. In the recent times, EHR is adopted by healthcare organizations. EHR helps in improving the health of patients at a comparatively low cost. Medical transcription companies are required to brace themselves for such needs. This also requires a combine effort of MTSO’s, healthcare service providers and EMR providers on the same platform. Physicians face a lot of problems in adopting EMR. Medical transcriptions, hence, are relevant for such physicians.

US Healthcare Department has taken steps to promote adoption of EHR. Some of the steps include promulgation of HITECH Act 2009 and PPACA 2010. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act 2009 have played a major role in implementing use of EHR in 2010.

There has been a tremendous increase in outsourcing of medical transcription related services to other companies and hence a large number of countries are providing these services. These outsourced medical transcription companies provide terrific results like 99% accuracy rate, secure data lines and 40% reduced costs.

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provides certain guidelines, obligatory in nature, to follow while providing medical transcription services. In addition to the regular services, these outsourced companies provide some special services like history and physical reports, medical reports, progress notes, operative notes, etc.

The accuracy rate is maintained by checking the file for a certain number of times before giving it to the client. Apart from this, the team members of transcription team have to undergo a compulsory training before becoming the member. This way the service providers ensure speedy services. Most of the companies originate from India and the reports are sent to America. Due to different zones, service providers manage to provide transcriptions within 12 to 24 hours. The softwares like Speedtype, Scribe, Ted, etc., also help in speedy services.

The security of data is also guaranteed. The sending and receiving of files are totally secured. In addition, the transcriptionists enter an agreement of confidentiality before they start with any project. The price schemes are fixed and at a very low rate. Thus, medical transcription services provide better quality services at a much reduced rate.

Attractive pricing schemes:

The pricing structure is based on charges for every 65 character line depending on the complexity and volume of the voice files (minutes) to be transcribed. Medical transcription companies count a 65-character line as any letter, number or symbol necessary for the final appearance and content of a document, including the space bar. When compared to doing all this in-house, outsourcing to another company will save the client up to 40% of all costs incurred. Besides, apart from a digital voice recorder, no other initial purchase or investment is necessary.

By outsourcing the Medical Transcription services, physicians, nursing homes and hospitals stand to gain immensely. For a Free consultation by a Expect Medical Transcription Professional call 1-866-365-3909 or email

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