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Medical Billing and Coding

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Medical healthcare service providers know how crucial it is to focus on their business. While businesses can be successful in providing medical care, there are various aspects of the industry that they are unaware of. This was similarly the case for Extended Care. Extended Care is a medical healthcare service provider that provides primary care

Medical Billing Outsourcing

The increased financial pressures on health care practices are well known, from reimbursement paradigms to increased regulations and trends moving towards high deductible health policies. The challenges are perceptible. For doctors, the fact that stands out is that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for providers to increase revenue, so they strive for improvement from


As we are heading towards ICD 10 implementation process, following steps will help the providers to maximize the insurance reimbursement: Documentation supports coding which is the basis of correct revenue and reimbursement. Otherwise a practice could be losing revenue Documentation is necessary for complying with quality measures Quality information supports care management and making sure

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One of the vital components for any health service provider is the medical coder in the billing section of the organization. The entire platform hugely depends on individual for the increase in cash flow of the company. A responsible medical coder can  evaluate every document residing in various systems of the organization for a quick

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This Medical Billing and Coding presentation includes following: 1: Importance of Clinical documentation for accurate ICD-10 coding 2: What needs to be documented 3: Major Modifications with examples 4: Suggestions for Physician Importance of Clinical documentation for accurate ICD-10 coding – Medical Coding from Vocis For a Free consultation by a Expert Medical Billing and