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Virtual Medical Scribe Services

The introduction of Medical Scribe is a revolutionary concept in modern medicine field. Due to the introduction of the Electronic Health Record (EHR) the Physicians are overloaded with documentation and data entry work. Our Virtual Medical Scribe service can help the Physicians, so that they can spend more time focusing on direct patient contact and care, rather than on clerical work and documentation of a visit.

A Medical Scribe is essentially a personal assistant to the physician who takes notes and helps in the documentation in the EHR. Our Virtual Medical Scribe service works in the similar fashion. A virtual Medical Scribe works remotely through secure internet connections. They listen to the patients complain, History, and Exam and transcribe the notes onto EHR. We also input ICD and CPT codes and assist with Prescriptions. Our Scribes allows doctors to focus on patientís care and not on data entry. At the end of the day, the doctor reviews the charts and signs off and the charts are complete.

For a Free consultation by a Expert Medical Scribe Professional call 1-866-365-3909 or email:

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