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Virtual Assistant Service Provider

Running a medical practice can be daunting. There are innumerable tasks to be done such as the medical billing, managing appointments, handling insurance claims and so on. These tasks can be done by in-house staff. However, the efficiency of the performance when compared to that of a virtual assistant is significant. When doctors consider the


The management work that goes on behind the medical details is the very foundation on which the practice is built. The need of proper management in the front desk of any medical practice cannot be overstated. While many doctors prefer to run their practice with people, the long hours, the huge list of paperwork, the

Medical Billing Outsourcing

The increased financial pressures on health care practices are well known, from reimbursement paradigms to increased regulations and trends moving towards high deductible health policies. The challenges are perceptible. For doctors, the fact that stands out is that there aren’t a lot of opportunities for providers to increase revenue, so they strive for improvement from

Responsive Website for Physicians

What is Responsive website? Responsive website allows website to adapt to the any screen size of the device (Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone) your users are viewing it on. Physicians are building up their career in a very competitive environment. A significant step can help the physicians in bringing up their potential. For taking a flight in

Virtual Medical Scribe Services

The introduction of Medical Scribe is a revolutionary concept in the modern medicine field. During earlier days, most of the physician’s time was spent focusing solely on direct patient contact and care. Due to the Electronic Health Record (EHR), the Physicians are now overloaded with the documentation and clerical responsibilities and are unable to focus

Debt collection agency software development USA

VOCIS is a BBB Accredited; rapidly growing IT company in the field of computer applications and services. We are glad to introduce you to our latest version of “Collection Agency Software” for your business website. Our software script is specifically designed for the collection agencies and is affordable and is easy to set-up and run

Virtual Medical Assistant Louisville KY

The most important factor of any successful Customer Service is ‘Calm Voice’ and it can definitely go long way in helping to resolve customer issues. Five essential tips for handling distraught patients: Staying calm and quite is the key to win patient satisfaction Every Patient wants to be heard and an upset Patient is not

Just having a Practice website does not mean potential patients can find you online.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet Marketing strategies will drive more patients to your medical practice. SEO and Internet Marketing is the most cost effective way of promoting your Medical Practice as compare to billboards, magazines, news spreads, and airtime on


If you are considering a future in Medical Transcription or you are presently working as one, the more aware and knowledgeable with the updates or changes going on in the field of Medical Transcription the more secured and relaxed you will be. With the introduction of Voice Recognition System (VRS) in assisting practitioners with creating

As we are heading towards ICD 10 implementation process, following steps will help the providers to maximize the insurance reimbursement: Documentation supports coding which is the basis of correct revenue and reimbursement. Otherwise a practice could be losing revenue Documentation is necessary for complying with quality measures Quality information supports care management and making sure