Anthem is going to reduce their on-and off-exchange individual health plan offerings in Kentucky, which is not an easy decision for them at all. They have, however, announced that nothing will change this year. When the Affordable Care Act started, they came up with a new set of quality, an affordable health plan, which is also called the exchange. They have indeed been committed to bringing the best health plans to Kentuckians. They said that the market for their plans was unstable, and with federal rules changing all the while, it was not possible for them to offer those plans on a broad basis.

Anthem plans to help people connect with the right people so as to find a new plan that is suitable.
There is nothing that is changing with their Anthem ACA health plan this year. Members may, however, be asked to shop for a new plan for 2018. They will do this during the open enrolment period that is going to commence on November 1. It has been announced that affected members will receive an official notice relevant to the end of their plan, which will be along with the information on the options for next year.

If one didn’t switch to an ACA plan, and one’s individual health plan is grandfathered. It will not affect one. This change affects only Anthem’s ACA individual health plans for some Kentucky counties. This, too, is worth considering that Anthem is not going to discontinue individual dental or vision plans in Kentucky.