Virtual Medical Assistant

Virtual Medical Assistant / Appointment Scheduling

Let Vocis’s Appointment Service answer all your calls and schedule all your appointments by phone.

Remote Medical Receptionist/ Appointment Service will act as a direct extension of your medical practice by connecting you with your patients and callers, regardless of your location.

Your dedicated assistant will answer your phone and assist your patient or transfer the call to the appropriate personnel. We will work with your practice to evaluate your current appointment management system and use it, or use our own appointment management software that allows us to schedule online appointments, send confirmation emails, reminders, and provides you with the instant access to all of your patient’s appointments.

Virtual Medical Assistant

7 Advantages of hiring a dedicated virtual medical receptionist:

  • No need to increase your office space
  • No need to buy any hardware/software
  • No need to hire any full time employee
  • No need to worry about sick leaves
  • No need to pay for vacations
  • No need to worry about employee benefits
  • No need to worry about high salaries
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