Vocis offers an array of call center services to meet your business specific requirements. Our mission is to provide high-end customer service around the globe by utilizing one-on-one experiences across every point of the customer relationship lifecycle.


We take care of time consuming responsibilities imperative to helping your company run smoothly, so you can focus on the development of your business. In order for your company to increase workflow, you have to delegate non-core tasks to members of your team. That is what our employees are trained to do, to adjust to your specific requirements. Our Call Centers seek ways to improve the quality of customer service, while reducing costs for our clients with disciplined management techniques, such as regular monitoring and measurement of agents performance. This frees your in-house team to focus on core functions like providing high value services, product development, sales, or strengthening client relationships to create consistent growth. Working with Vocis will result in a positive steady increase in overall business performance and development.


One of the most crucial factors to consider when adding a Vocis virtual assistant to your team is the financial benefits. With each virtual assistant, there is a significantly lower labor cost per hour, no benefits (no health insurance, paid leave, bonuses, …), no need to expand office space, and your utility costs won’t increase. Our virtual assistants reduce all in-house expenses substantially.

We also cut costs in recruitment, hiring, and training for your company. When you partner with Vocis, your business ends up with increased savings, and has access to an extremely dedicated & talented workforce that takes care of your services around the clock.

We expense by the hour, our price varies by the number of staff members you need to employ and the number of hours you want an employee to work per week.


When you add Vocis virtual assistants to your team to take care of administrative or customer service processes, you are also acquiring our company’s resources. We focus on staying up-to-date with communicative technology, and our teams are trained with crucial skill sets every week. Our virtual staff works around the clock; employees work 24-hours, seven days a week, and full work days on all holidays. There are no seasonal fluctuations in work. Your customers will be able to reach your business at all times. Incoming calls will go straight to our phone lines, and we answer all your customers questions using your company’s software.

Vocislink virtual assistants streamline a business by reducing in-house complications. A smaller in house staff means more flexible office space requirements, and significantly less daily expenses. Our employees adapt to the administrative needs of your business; we use your system to log client and other office data, and follow your company’s way of handling records. Communication is imperative for us to do our job correctly. Our employees give consistent reports on all work that was done in a day and tasks needed to be handled the next day. A Vocis manager is appointed to each company we partner with. Our managers make sure work is being done efficiently and to the liking of your business style. Your Vocis team manager will update your in-house team on any complications and all new work that was done throughout each day.

Risk Management

Data security is extremely important to our company. Vocis started out strictly with handling medical practice transcription, billing, and administration work, so keeping patient information concealed to only the patient, our team appointed, and the medical practice was our main priority. We use your company software to log all office records, and take advantage of connective cloud based systems to send and save all work, maximizing data security when we communicate.

We make sure our virtual assistants speak fluent and grammatically correct English. Our virtual assistants are highly experienced in telephone etiquette, they understand how to handle countless scenarios with customers over the phone. All phone calls are recorded and employees are constantly monitored to ensure friendly and top quality conversations. Our employees are dedicated to their job, and are experienced in working in harmony with all types of teams.

When you partner with Vocis, the screening process is the first step in acquiring your new virtual assistant(s). We select employees from our specialized teams based on your company’s job description and the amount of people you need. A video chat is set up, via Skype or Google Hangouts, between your in-house management and each virtual assistant. Your company will be able to interview every individual, including the manager appointed to your office, so you can make sure each member is the right fit for your business. Your team manager will speak with you before and after all the interviews so we know exactly what you need from your new employee(s) on a daily bases.

Whether you need one assistant or a team of 45, you will still get a manager, all of our resources, and employees on retainer if needed. So even though you’re only paying for each employee by the hour, you’re actually acquiring an entire team for the same price.


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