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Vocis offers an array of call center services to meet your business specific requirements. Our mission is to provide high-end customer service by utilizing one-on-one experiences across every point of the customer relationship lifecycle.

Our Call Centers seek ways to improve the quality of customer services, while reducing costs for our clients through disciplined management techniques, such as regular monitoring and measurement of agent’s performance. Virtual Assistants are experience in phone etiquette, and have a good command over their verbal and written communication skills.

Your customers will be able to reach your company’s customer service team, 24/7, 365 days a year to handle all customer needs, and maintain a balance between peak periods and off-peak periods. This in turn allows you to focus on your core business.

Inbound calls: Welcome your clients with a warm greeting and a pleasant conversation, while addressing their specific needs with a sense of urgency. Assistants answer customer inquires concerning their account information, including past order information, complaints, scheduling appointments, and all general requests by accessing the customer support software your company uses.

Vocis teams are experienced in handling all sorts of problems in customer relations. We communicate with your in-house team to determine when & whom to transfer incoming clients to.

Outbound calls: Administering customized satisfaction surveys, and getting customer feedback for your company’s products or present service is crucial to understanding where you stand with your current customers on all fronts. A service often overlooked that directly impacts the quality of your business.

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